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Books Section > The Religion of Islam >

The Religion of Islam:
by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Table of Contents:

This page presents 'The Religion of Islam by Muhammad Ali' in text format, and is presently incomplete. For the complete work in .pdf format click here.

Introduction (to Islam)

| Islam, not Muhammadanism | Significance of the Name Islam | Place of Islam among the Religions of the World | New Meaning Introduced into Religion | Religion is a Force in the Moral Development of Man | Islam as the Basis of a Lasting Civilisation | Islam as the Greatest Unifying Force in the World | Islam as the Greatest Spiritual Force of the World | Islam Offers a Solution of the Great World-problems | Misconceptions Underlying Anti-religious Movement |

Part One [The Sources of Islam]:

Chapter 1: The Holy Quran:

| How and When the Quran was Revealed | It is the Highest Form of Revelation | Other Forms of Divine Revelation to Men | The Prophet's Experience of Revelation | Nature of the Prophet's Revelation | Arrangement of the Quran | Arrangement in Oral Recitation | Complete Written Copies of the Quran | Standardisation of the Quran | Difference of Readings | Collective Testimony of the Purity of the Quranic Text | The Theory of Abrogation | Traditions on Abrogation | Use of the Word Naskh | Basis of Abrogation | Suyuti on Abrogation | Shah Wali Allah’s Verdict on Five Verses | Interpretation of the Quran | Value of Tradition and Commentaries in Interpreting the Quran | Divisions of the Quran | Makkah and Madinah Surahs | Place of the Quran in World Literature | European Writers on the Quran | Translation of the Quran |

Part Three [Laws and Regulations of Islam]:

Chapter 2: Zakat or Charity:

| Charity as One of the Two Principal Duties | Prayer is Useless if it does not Lead to Charity | Conception of Charity in Islam | Voluntary Charity | Significance of Zakat | Importance of Zakat in Islam | Zakat as the Basic Principle of every Religion | Problem of the Distribution of Wealth | Islam's Solution of Wealth Problem | Zakat is a State Institution | Property on which Zakat is Payable | Nisab | Rate at which Zakat must be Paid | Zakat under Modern Conditions | How Zakat should be Spent | Zakat may be Spent in Defence and Propagation of Islam | Other National Charitable Institutions |

Chapter 3: Saum or Fasting:

| Saum | Institution of Fasting in Islam | A Universal Institution | New Meaning Introduced by Islam | A Spiritual Discipline | A Moral Discipline | Social Value of Fasting | Physical Value of Fasting | The Month of Ramadzan | Choice of Ramadzan | Persons who may not Fast | Who is Bound to Fast? | Voluntary Fasts | Restrictions on Voluntary Fasting | Expiatory Fasts | Compensatory Fasts | Fasting in Fulfilment of a Vow | Limits of the Fast | The Niyyah | What Breaks the Fast | Ethical Side of Fasting | I'tikaf | Lailat al-Qadr |

Chapter 4: Hajj or Pilgrimage:

| European Views on Adoption of Hajj by Islam | Sacredness of Makkah and the Kabah Recognised in Earliest Revelations | Why Kabah was not made Qiblah Earlier | When was Hajj First Instituted | Description of the Kabah | History of the Kabah | Al-Masjid al-Haram | Historical Evidence of Antiquity of Kabah | Abrahamic Origin of Chief Features of Hajj | Asceticism Combined with Secularism | Levelling Influence of Hajj | A Higher Spiritual Experience | On whom is Hajj Obligatory | Umrah | Ihram | Miqat or Muhill | Tawaf | The Black Stone | Significance underlying Tawaf of the Kabah | Significance underlying Kissing of the Black Stone | The Sa'y | The Hajj Proper-march to Mina | Arafat and the Wuquf | Muzdalifah | Yaum an-nahr in Mina |  Ayyam at-tashriq | Ramy al-jimar | Other Activities Allowed in Pilgrimage |

Chapter 7: Acquisition and Disposal of Property:

| Acquisition of Individual Property | Unlawful Means of Acquiring Wealth | The Quran on the Exercise of Property Rights | Hajr or Restrictions on Disposal of Property | Guardian of Minor | Dealing in Business | General Directions Relating to Sale Transactions | Mortgage | Bequest | Gift | Waqf |

Note: The rest of the book will follow as a serialisation, Insha-Allah.



Books Section > The Religion of Islam >


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