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Books Section > by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib of Qadian > Four Questions Answered (Siraaj-ud-Deen Eesaee Kay Chaar Swaalon Kay Jawaab)

Four Questions Answered
(Siraaj-ud-Deen Eesaee Kay Chaar Swaalon Kay Jawaab):

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib of Qadian
Translated by: Dr. Hamid Rahman

Note: This book is also available in pdf format

An interfaith comparative study of: 1. Salvation, 2. Monotheism, 3. Love of God and God's love of humanity, and, 4. Light of the founders of Christianity and Islam

In The Four Questions Answered Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad answers questions sent by a Christian to compare the beliefs of Islam and Christianity on four points. These relate to: 

1. How salvation is attained,

2. Why do other believers in One God belonging to other religions need to accept Islam, 

3. The concept of love for God and God's love, and

4. The founders of the two faiths being the light for their followers.

Table of Contents:

"A Christian gentleman from Lahore, by the name of Sirajuddin, has sent me a questionnaire with four questions and has asked me to answer them. I consider it conducive for the common good to publish these questions and my replies, which are accordingly set out below."

Introductory Note

01. The First Answer: Salvation

Question: According to the Christian belief, Christ came to the world for the love of mankind and to offer himself as sacrifice for its sake. Can the mission of the Founder of Islam be described in similar terms? Or can his mission be described in words even better than 'love' and 'sacrifice'?
Answer: || The Quranic Route to Salvation is not Through an Accursed Sacrifice || Ascribing an Accursed Death to Jesus is Perverse || Three Safeguards from Sin || The Sole Antidote of Sin is Love of God || A Rebuttal of the Belief of Atonement || Implications of Jesus Being Accursed || Is Salvation Through Accursed Sacrifice Found in Jewish Scriptures? || Can Belief in the Accursed Sacrifice Deliver one from Sin? || Doctrine of Accursed Sacrifice Opens the Floodgate of Sin || All Nations have Good and Bad Natured Persons || Effect of Religion on Human Faculties || Signs of a Pure Life || Holy Prophet's Mission was to Teach Purity, Truth and Patience || The Word Islam Implies Righteousness || Two Meanings of the Word Istighfar (Protection from Sin) in the Quran ||

02. The Second Answer: Monotheism

Question: If the aim of Islam is to guide mankind toward monotheism, then why is it that religious battles took place in the early period of Islam with the Jews, when their revealed Books teach nothing extraneous to monotheism? What is jihad? Or why should it now be considered essential for the Jews and other monotheists to accept Islam for their salvation?
Answer: || The Battles with Jews and Christians were in Self-Defence || Jews Paid Only Lip Service to an Imperfect Monotheism in their Books || The Torah and Gospel Prophecy about a Complete and Perfect Guidance || Quran is Unique in Perfecting all Facets of Shari'ah (Revealed Law) || Quran as the Arbitrator of the Dispute about the Status of Jesus || Similarity between Jesus and Jonah || Quran Resolves Dispute between Jews and Christians || Testimony on the Need for the Revelation of Quran || Why the Torah Repeated the Same Monotheistic Doctrine? || Muhammad Ranks Ahead of All Other Prophets || No Incremental Excellence in the Teachings of the Gospels Over the Torah || The Quran Completes and Perfects Previous Books || Torah and Gospels Cannot Compare with Quran || Analogical Comparison of the Torah with the Quran || A Rationale for the Shortcomings of Torah and the Gospels || The Quran Teaches a Middle Course || Battles with the Jews Only in Self-Defence || Why was it Necessary for the Jews to Accept Islam? ||

03. The Third Answer: Love of God and God's Love of Humanity

Question: What verses of the Quran deal especially with the love of man and God, and the love of God for man?
Answer: || The Sense of the Word Islam also Indicates Love || Quranic Teachings about Man's Love of God and His Creation || Trade of Son for Sinners not Found in Quran || Quran Reserves the Use of the Word 'Love' Only with God || Torah and Gospel Devoid of these Stages of Man's Duty to Man || Unlike the Torah, Teachings of the Quran are Universal ||

04. The Fourth Answer: Light of the Founders of Christianity and Islam

Question: Christ said, "Come to me, you who are tired and weary, I will give you comfort," and, "I am the light, I am the way, the life and the truth." Did the Founder of Islam also make these or similar statements about himself?
Answer: || Prophet Muhammad is the Light and the Way to Allah || Christians Lack Spiritual Qualities Identified by Jesus || Signs of a True Believer Given in Quran Found in all Ages ||


Books Section > by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib of Qadian > Four Questions Answered (Siraaj-ud-Deen Eesaee Kay Chaar Swaalon Kay Jawaab)


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